Lu Zuan


Lü Zuan (Chinese: 呂纂; died 401), courtesy name Yongxu (永緒), formally Emperor Ling of (Later) Liang ((後)涼靈帝), was an emperor of the Chinese/Di state Later Liang. He was the oldest son of the founding emperor Lü Guang (Emperor Yiwu), but was not Lü Guang's rightful heir, as he was not born of Lü Guang's wife Princess Shi. After Lü Guang died around new year 400, however, he seized the throne from his younger brother Lü Shao in a coup.

Lü Zuan was considered a capable general tactically, but not skilled in general strategy, and during his reign Later Liang's strength continued to be sapped, as it was during the late reign of Lü Guang, by attacks of rivals Northern Liang and Southern Liang. Despite this, Lü Zuan continued to occupy himself with hunting and other unimportant matters. In 401, he was assassinated by his cousin Lü Chao (呂超), who then supported his own older brother Lü Long as emperor.


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Lu Zuan

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