Gjergj, Lord of Durrës


George Thopia (Albanian: Gjergj Topia, Italian: Giorgio Topia, fl. 1388–d. 1392) was the Lord of Durazzo (Durrës) from 1388 to 1392. He was the son of Karl Topia and Vojislava Balšić. George married Voislava (Teodora), the daughter of sevastokrator Branko Mladenović, of the Serbian Branković family.

George was required to return Durazzo to the Republic of Venice in 1392. Later that year, he died without issue. His sister, Elena, gained the bulk of the rest of his holdings, whilst a smaller portion was left to his younger sister, Vojsava.

Date of birth
1. January 1301

Date of death
1. January 1392

Place of death


Siblings (full & half)

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Gjergj, Lord of Durrës

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